We have been, since 1998, and are presently a GE Energy Commercial Channel in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands for the power generation industry. We also provide services to GE under a Master Service Agreement. Although our aim has been mostly heavy duty utility generation equipment, we have worked in industrial and power delivery projects throughout the region.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo, B&V is a leading force in engineering and consulting for the energy and water industries. Their services range from energy engineering and construction, to power delivery and water resources management.

HES has over 25 years’ experience of design and manufacture of spiral heat exchangers and other heat exchanger systems. Their customers are to be found in the chemical and energy industry, as well as the environmental and foodstuffs sectors.

Norton Corrosion Limited, LLC, is since 1959 an industry leader in providing high-quality corrosion control products and engineering services for the marine industry as well as cathodic protection engineering services for industries that operate in highly corrosive environments.

OST Services provides a variety of services for power generation, resource recovery, cogeneration, construction, and petrochemical facilities throughout North America. These services encompass pipe and pipe support services, consulting, design, troubleshooting, inspections and construction. A sister company, Ocean State Technical Services, provides nondestructive testing and welding services.

TCI-Alabama, provides environmentally safe disposal of oil-filled electrical equipment, and is a leader in North America in dismantling and recycling electrical transformer and other equipment containing PCBs.

Energy Integrated Solutions provides systems optimization engineering for the food and beverage industry



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